The World’s first Cat Museum, devoted to all things feline, is in Petra Jaya in the Kuching City North Hall. Cat lovers will find all range of exhibits, photos, feline art and cat souvenirs. Open daily 9am to 5pm (closed public holidays).


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State Mosque



The State Mosque, is best seen from the river. It was built in 1968, and its gilded cupolas make it one of the city’s most striking landmarks, particularly at sunset. The site originally housed an old wooden mosque built in 1852. The new State Mosque is situated across river at Petra Jaya. It is a striking design, featuring a single cupola and Italian marble interior detailing.

Note: Visitors to mosques are requested to dress respectfully and remove their shoes. Non-Muslims may not enter during prayer times.

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Sarawak State Library


Housed in an elegant modern neo-classical building across river in Petra Jaya, is probably the most technologically advanced public library in the region; extensive databases contain almost everything you could want to know about Sarawak. Library use is by membership only, available to visitors for RM5 per week, although non-residents may not borrow books or other materials.

The Library has a strict dress code: please dress accordingly.

Open Mondays 2pm-9pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays 10am-9pm (closed on Sundays and public holidays). Tel: 082-442000

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The Astana


The imposing palace on the north bank of the river opposite the Waterfront, was built in 1870 by Charles Brooke as a bridal gift to his wife Margaret. It is nowadays the official residence of the Head of State of Sarawak.


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Dewan Undangan Negeri

The new State Legislative building, or better known as DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri) Sarawak  by the locals, is an iconic piece that no other state in Malaysia could be-little, for now, that is.  Standing majestically across the Sarawak river, the new building boast of many things such as a banquet hall, individual rooms for elected representatives, a convention center and an undisputed design which depicts Sarawak’s multi-racial diversity. Indeed, it is an icon, and a unique building, regardless of what others say on how much was spent on building such a magnificent building.

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Sarawak Golf Club



Kelab Golf Sarawak (Sarawak Golf Club) is located approximately 10 km from the centre of Kuching City and in the vicinity of Petra Jaya. To club members, the golfing fraternity and frequent visitors, the club is more affectionately known as "KGS" .


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Fort Margherita


It is built in 1879 to guard Kuching’s river approaches from pirates. Named after Charles Brooke’s wife, Ranee Margaret, it is an extremely attractive and interesting building. The Fort houses a Police Museum, with fascinating exhibits of Brooke militaria, weapons captured during the communist insurgency, and the famous “laughing skulls”. As the Fort is situated within the police training barracks, visitors may be asked for some form of ID. Sampans go to the Fort from various Waterfront jetties.

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Kuching Waterfront


A major restoration and land reclamation project has become the most popular meeting place in the city. Drab warehouses have been replaced with an almost 900m long esplanade, beautifully landscaped and dotted with wooden benches, food stalls, restaurants and entertainment facilities. A number of old buildings have been preserved and incorporated into the design, including the Chinese History Museum, the Sarawak Steamship Building, an open-air theatre and the Square Tower. Modern additions to the Waterfront include a restored Chinese pavilion, an observation tower, a tea terrace and the spectacular musical fountains, as well as a number of modern sculptures. During the daytime, the Waterfront offers excellent views of the Astana, Fort Margherita and the Malay kampungs which line the north bank of the river, but at night-time the waterfront really comes alive; it seems that half of Kuching is out meeting friends, watching a show or just taking the air.

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Main Bazaar


Opposite the Waterfront, is the oldest street in the city and the heart of old Kuching. It has some superb examples of Chinese shophouse architecture, many of which have been occupied by the same family for generations. These families still pursue traditional occupations such as tin-smithing, carpentry and petty trading. Kuching’s highest concentration of antique and handicraft shops are to be found here, and shoppers can rest between bargaining sessions in a number of old-fashioned coffee shops with panelled walls and marble-topped tables.

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Sarawak Cultural Village


Situated on the foothills of legendary Mount Santubong, 35 km away from Kuching is Sarawak's fascinating cultural showcase, the award winning "Sarawak Cultural Village"

This living museum depicts the heritage of the major racial groups in Sarawak and conveniently portrays the respective lifestyle amidst 14 acres of equatorial vegetation.

Here, it is possible to see Sarawak's ethnic diversity at a glance. 

The 45 minute cultural performance of songs, dances and entertainment is something you will not want to miss out during your visit to Sarawak.


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